November 21, 2017

National Park Service considering major entry fee increases.

First off I want to say thank-you to all of you. Over the past 6 years it has been mine and my staffs pleasure to share our love of SUP and our love of Acadia with you.  When I started Acadia SUP back in 2011 it was with the dream of being able to make a living sharing my passion for paddling and the outdoors with people.  I am constantly inspired each day by the people I have been able to meet and the ways in which SUP has had the power to provide them with exercise, enjoyment, and an appreciation for our environment.  Without you I wouldn't who I am or where I am today.

It is with those things in mind that I want to share with you some issues that have me very worried about future of my business and all small eco-tourism based companies.  In an effort to address horrible maintenance backlogs and funding shortages, the National Park Service has recently announced a proposal to more than double entry fees in most of the more busy National Parks including Acadia.

Currently in Acadia the fee for a week is $25 for a vehicle or $12 if walking or on bike.  The proposed increase would raise the rates to $70 for a vehicle and $30 for people walking or on a bike.  As many of you who have been out with us on beautiful Echo Lake or Long Pond know, these launch locations are inside the National Park and so everyone must have a park pass in addition to the cost of the tour.  With a $50 average price per person of a trip I am worried that any further increase in park entry fees will make it cost prohibitive for most people to be able to enjoy and few hours out on the water.  Many of you have come to Acadia for the day with the sole purpose of going paddle boarding and it would pain me to see you have to pay an entry fee into the park equal to 60% the cost of the tour.

While we will always continue to offer ocean trips, we understand that many of you, especially families with younger children would prefer a lake environment due to the more benign setting, warmer water, and not needing to don a wetsuit.  65% of all trips and 100% of all the rentals we offer take place on the lakes of Acadia. I am sure you can see how any loss in this key segment of our operation would have the effect in putting us out of business.

Its not just us either,  consider the impact it will have on other outfits as well.  Hiking tours, bike rental companies, rock climbing outfitters, and more will all face similar dilemmas.  It is these types activities that our national parks are for.  To see the price of entry become a deterrent to getting outside in areas that belong to us all and that are funded by our hard earned tax dollars angers me and I hope it angers you.

Rarely do I get political so I hope you will forgive me now; but to me it seems the issue is not the lack of funds in our federal budgets but the cavalier way in which our government spends and allocates our taxes among all the various agencies and departments.  With an almost 4.1 trillion dollar federal budget for 2018, the 11.7 billion proposed 2018 budget for the Department of the Interior is a slap in the face to the American people and what we stand for as a nation.

I implore you to let your congressional representatives know that this kind of action is unacceptable.  I also would like to encourage you to take a few minutes and let the National Park Service know your thoughts on how these fee increases will negatively impact not only small businesses but all Americans wishing to enjoy or public outdoor spaces.  The park just extended the public comment period until Dec 22 so there is still time to help prevent this from happening.  Please click here to access the public comment page and provide your feedback.

March 14, 2017

We're hiring!! Enjoy a fun summer on the water with Acadia SUP

Its that time of year again and we are gearing up for another great season.  While we do have several instructors returning for the season we have a couple openings for the right individuals.  We are looking for a couple people to work full time in a combination of teaching lessons on the water and working a couple days a week in our retail shop taking reservations, selling equipment, and renting boards.  We offer competitive pay and a fun laid back work environment in one of the most beautiful setting in the world.  See below for a full description of the job postion.   If interested please send and email and resume to [email protected]

Stand Up Paddle Board Instructor
      Our SUP instructors are responsible for not only teaching our clients but ensuring a top level experience for each person from the time they show up at the shop until the time they leave.  Preference will be given to those with a current or pending Maine Guides License in either Recreation or Sea Kayaking.  

      - Teaching SUP lessons to a diverse range of clients of various ages, ability levels, and learning styles..  Instructors must be good with people, patient, and flexible.
      -  Transporting boards and clients in our truck to and from the put-in spots
      -   Loading and unloading boards from the truck and checking all gear for defects
      -  Instructing clients in safety, basic board dynamics, and strokes in an effective and knowledgeable manner
      -   Assuring the safety of all clients while on and off the water
      -   The ability to make spot decisions based on weather, wind, and water conditions
      -   Delivery and pick up of rental boards in the evening
      -   Clean up of all gear and making sure that everything is clean, organized, and in good working condition.

      - Minimum 21 years old.
      - Instructors must have a valid drivers license and clean driving record.
      - Current and valid CPR and First Aid certification
      - Level 1 or Level 2 ACA SUP instructor certification
      - Maine Guides license in either Sea Kayaking or Recreation (or both)
      - Ability to lift up to 50lbs over your head multiple times a day
     - Flexible schedule availability in July and August 

      - $16.50 per hour + tips
      - Pro discounts on boards and gear
      - Free use of equipment (when available) 

Retail Store Associate
      We are looking for people with a high attention for detail to work in our store.  Our shop is a busy place in the summer and at times can be very fast paced with reservations, board rentals, phones ringing, and people trying to buy merchandise   

      - Answering questions about our products and services.  Employees are expected to be knowledgeable and enthusiastic about SUP.
      - Answering the phone
      - Taking reservations for SUP trips and rentals
      -  Assisting customers to load and unload rental boards from their cars
      -  Keeping the store clean, organized. and well stocked with merchandise
      -  Using our POS system to ring in customer purchases and returns
      -  Daily cash outs of the register

     - Minimum 18 years old
     - Able to work unsupervised in an often fast paced environment
     - Ability to lift up to 50lbs over your head multiple times a day
     - High attention to detail and organization
     - Ability to work a 12 hour shift on occasion

     - $12.00 per hour 
     -  Pro discounts on boards and gear
     -  Free use of equipment (when available)



April 11, 2016

Big Things on the Horizon

Its been a busy winter.  Thanks to all our great customers and the increasing visibility of SUP in the media and around the world 2016 is looking to be a banner year.  We have just signed a new lease on a bigger space that will allow us to keep growing, bought a second vehicle to allow us to do more trips, and hired more instructors to keep up with demand. 

We have have also partnered with several area activities to become a booking center.  In addition to paddleboarding we now have the ability to book you for sea kayaking, scenic air tours, windjammer cruises, and boat tours.  Its an exciting proposition that makes us the only real one stop shop for a variety of activities. 

Our new location is at 200 Main St.  Next door to Blaze.  We plan to open in late May so please come by and see us!!