April 11, 2016

Big Things on the Horizon

Its been a busy winter.  Thanks to all our great customers and the increasing visibility of SUP in the media and around the world 2016 is looking to be a banner year.  We have just signed a new lease on a bigger space that will allow us to keep growing, bought a second vehicle to allow us to do more trips, and hired more instructors to keep up with demand. 

We have have also partnered with several area activities to become a booking center.  In addition to paddleboarding we now have the ability to book you for sea kayaking, scenic air tours, windjammer cruises, and boat tours.  Its an exciting proposition that makes us the only real one stop shop for a variety of activities. 

Our new location is at 200 Main St.  Next door to Blaze.  We plan to open in late May so please come by and see us!!

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